How to Choose Your Bridal Lingerie? Part 3

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How to Choose Your Bridal Lingerie? Part 3

In part 3 of this new blog series, we will look into the question of 'What type of Lingerie should I wear under my Wedding Dress? . . .


Lets start by looking at Bras . . .   

What type of bra should I wear?

Unless you feel totally comfortable going braless on your wedding day (if so, we would still recommend buying some sticky boobs or pasties to keep things in place and be PG . . .) choosing the right bra for your dress is equally as important as choosing the right pair of shoes for your special day.


So, what can help you to decide which is the right bra for you to wear on your wedding day? (and we will discuss other lingerie options in this blog)

Firstly, (and i am going to assume you have chosen your dress already) keep in mind what your style of dress will allow you to wear:

For example, some dresses will provide enough coverage and wiggle room for you to wear something more than a normal everyday bra, something like a bustier or even a sexy corset underneath.

Have you chosen a low backed dress? Have no fear, there are also bras available to accommodate low-back styles of dresses, both strapless and with straps. These convertible bras are versatile and often work well underneath most wedding dress styles.

If you have decided on a gorgeous backless gown, a low cut gown or sheer gown, and you feel brave enough to not wear traditional lingerie all will work well with an adhesive bra with cups that stick at the sides. We have seen these at the bridal trade fairs and they do look very good, comfortable, and will do the job in hand as described on the box, however we would not recommend buying something on the cheaper side as you do not want them to fail on you halfway through the wedding . . . especially walking down the aisle or during the photographs!!

Image: 'Venus' Push Up Lace Detail Corset

Wedding Corsets

A wedding corset still remains a big favourite with many brides as they provide a great waist cinching effect and they can help reduce the waist line by anything from 2” – 4” as long as its sized and fitted correctly. If you’re looking to wear a bridal corset beneath your wedding gown, then don’t lose sight of the fact that whatever corset you choose, it must work in harmony with both your figure and your wedding gown.

Chloe Corset

Image: 'Chloé Lace Corsage'

Take a while to look at the features of your chosen stunning dress style & match them with your corset choice. For example, an off the shoulder dress will need a strapless corset and if the design is quite low cut at the back, then you’ll need a low back corset to keep the underwear line well hidden. Also pay particular attention to any boning in the bodice of your wedding gown as they use the boning to create extra support. So if this is the case, we would advise to avoid opting for a heavily boned corset which may be uncomfortable to wear under the dress and over-restrict your breathing.

I've never worn a corset, where do I even start?

When it comes to corsetry, the key is seeking the right advice and being meticulous when it comes to sizing. Wearing the correct size for your shape is so important; if anything is too big or too tight, it can be really unflattering. It's important to get properly fitted every time you buy new lingerie, especially a corset as your size can depend on the brand. (As you have probably experienced in the past, not all size 12 dresses for example, fit the same with different brands)

Just as a side thought as we at Pink Daisy Bridal are an online store, if you are buying online then please remember that when you try on a corset to wear it over a thin t-shirt and do NOT tie the corset tight when trying it on, as once it has been tightened it could change the shape of the corset as corsets quickly form the shape of your body when tightly laced, and the supplier may not except the return. (Please read through Pink Daisy Bridal's T&Cs on purchasing a corset here)

Most come with suspenders attached, so just add knickers and stockings, and you will look and feel absolutely stunning in the right corset or basque.

Image: 'Naomi' Tulle One Piece

Basque or Bustier

If a waist cinching effect is less of a factor for you but good support for your upper body & breasts is, then a basque or bustier might be a wiser option for you. Somewhat similar to a corset, basques & bustiers have less boning but can still have molded cups and under wiring, and be a good alternative especially for brides with a bigger bust.

Image: ''Bliss' Bra & Suspender Thong Lingerie Set

Bra and knickers

If a good bra and knickers (or just the knickers) are likely to be the most comfortable option for you, then it’s worth trying on several different types of bras with your wedding dress on before you decide on one, considering factors such as how it feels, as much as how well it supports you and how pretty it looks.

Strapless and backless bras

Strapless dresses are still very much in vogue and many are stunning and flattering, but they do differ greatly in their construction. Some are made with inner support for your bust while others will need a good strapless bra to be worn underneath.

For smaller chested ladies, you can opt to have your seamstress sew in cups or padded cups for extra support without having to wear a bra. Many strapless dresses will have boning in the bodice that holds up quite well on its own, so as long as your dress is fitted well, you won’t need to worry about accidentally flashing anyone. Otherwise, you will need to wear a strapless bra that fits well and comfortably underneath the neckline and back of your dress.

Backless or low-backed gowns can be worn without a bra for the few of you who are brave enough but a clever multi-way bra is, for most brides a much better option.

Knickers or G-string

The knickers you choose has to be comfortable as you will be wearing them all day. Don’t be tempted to try something different on your wedding day such as the ‘delicate derriere dental floss fashion’ of the G-string just to impress the man you have already impressed. If you’re used to G-strings then fine but if not, trust me this is not the day to try one out for the first time (or so I have been told!!)


Final thought . . .

When trying on different undergarments underneath your wedding dress, the most important thing to consider is whether your bust is sufficiently supported. If it isn’t, you’ll be spending the entire day pulling your dress up, which isn’t the most elegant way to spend your wedding day.

When trying them on, try jumping and dancing around to see how much they move around and buy a bra, corset or bustier that fits well underneath your dress and is comfortable enough to be in for a full day.

The good news is there is an underwear solution for every gown, whatever the cut. You can find strapless, backless, multi-way, low-front and low-back bras, bras to support, minimise or push-up breasts to create cleavage.  As we discussed in a previous blog, you don’t have to wear white either; with the right dress you could wear a pastel shade or even a darker shade of underwear, only to be revealed on your wedding night.


So in this third part of this lingerie blog series, we have looked at the importance of choosing lingerie that compliments the dress you have chosen, not forgetting that you will be wearing the same lingerie all day. Over the next few days, we will be issuing some more blogs following on from this episode, discussing some of the questions we have been asked in the past, and we will also discuss with you shapewear . . . both these discussions will help you make a more informed decision on your bridal lingerie.

Please take a look through the lingerie collections we have on offer on our online store at for both the wedding day, and also something a little special for the honeymoon too!! If you have any questions on Bridal Lingerie or anything else from our store, please do ask as we are here to help.

Thank you for reading and take care x


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