How to Choose your Bridal Lingerie? Part 1

by Tim Downer June 16, 2017 3 Comments

How to Choose your Bridal Lingerie? Part 1

How to Choose your Bridal Lingerie?

In part 1 of this new blog series, we will introduce to you the importance of choosing the right lingerie for your special day, and the reasons why it is important to wear something comfortable . . .


You’ve just spent months searching for your perfect wedding dress, which was at the top of your priority as a bride! But have you thought yet about what you’ll wear underneath it?

Choosing the right underwear and lingerie for you to wear under your wedding dress is just as important as the dress itself!


Well, you may think that you should wear something sexy and delicate (especially for your new husband to be!) like some lacy lingerie . . . but the truth is that you will want to be as comfortable as possible on the big day (and we will expand further on this is).


Some of the things to think about when choosing your lingerie is that before you arrive at your wedding ceremony, there may be several people with you in your home or hotel room, maybe bridesmaids or your mum helping you get into your amazing wedding dress! No good wearing your favourite tatty grey underwear in case you are seen by your bridal party, lol. 

How long will you be wearing your dress for? You could be wearing your wedding dress potentially up to 12 hours or more, and you will also need to be able to use the restroom too at some point.

But first . . .

   . . . How Important is Bridal Underwear?

Wearing the perfect wedding underwear will not just make you feel amazing, but consider this, it could also affect the way your dress looks too! For this reason, it is so important to pick the right underwear as you do not want to walk down the aisle with visible panty lines or bra straps showing through the dress.

It is important to wear the right underwear for YOU, because just like every bride out there that has ever walked down the aisle, you want to look perfect for your big day. Well-fitted lingerie is essential to give you a great shape and really show off your wedding dress.


Quite often Brides will shop for their wedding underwear a few weeks before the actual wedding date itself, and brides are left choosing something from a high street store (although nothing wrong with that!) and maybe having to ‘just make do’!

Giving yourself plenty of time and a little thought into what practical aspects you want from your lingerie, it can really help shape & sculpt your figure as well as bring comfort, support and confidence for that special day.

So yes, bridal underwear is very important to you the bride, to help you feel fabulous all day in your gorgeous wedding dress.

So with that in mind, what lingerie do you choose? A corset, a bustier . . . Or bra and knickers? Or maybe nothing at all??

When considering your bridal lingerie, we here at Pink Daisy Bridal have created a series of blogs considering the best options for each type of wedding dress style to help you find the right Lingerie for you.

Over the next few days, we will be issuing some more blogs following on from this episode, answering questions such as: Do I Buy the Lingerie or the Dress First? Will I Need My Wedding Lingerie for my Wedding Dress Fittings? What lingerie works with my dress?

If you have any questions on Bridal Lingerie or anything else from our store, please do ask as we are here to help.

Thank you for reading and take care x


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Tim Downer

Co-Owner of Pink Daisy Bridal




Tim Downer
Tim Downer


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