How to Choose your Bridal Lingerie? Part 2

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How to Choose your Bridal Lingerie? Part 2

In part 2 of this new blog series, we will look into the question of 'Do I buy the dress or lingerie first? What colour lingerie should I choose? . . .


Do I Buy the Lingerie or the Dress First?

As a bride-to-be, you should be looking to get your gown first, as you cannot know what you will walk down the aisle in, until you have tried on the many different shapes and styles of dress.

As you visit bridal shops and look through the bridal magazines, you will begin to notice that there are many different styles of Wedding Dresses. Some are backless, some off the shoulder, mermaid and a-line styles. There are so many to choose from and even if you have seen a dress you love in a bridal magazine, until you have tried on a dress you will not know if it really suits you or not. The same can be said of lingerie styles, as we will discuss later . . .

You may have some ideas as to what dress you like, but just like the TV programs you have watched such as 'Say Yes to the Dress', brides-to-be would have chosen dresses that they love along with a few other samples, but quite often do not choose the first dress they thought they would like!

When trying on a variety of dresses at a bridal shop to decide which style suits you the best, it is a good idea to take with you a selection of bras, including strapless versions along with you to try until you’ve chosen your wedding dress. This could ultimately help you to decide what kind of lingerie you’ll need to buy to wear under your chosen dress.

So with that in mind, your lingerie should be purchased afterwards when you know whether you will now be looking for bra and knicker sets, Corset, Torsolette, Basques or any other shape wear you can think of.

Will I Need My Wedding Lingerie for the Fittings?

We would definitely recommend that you do bring your lingerie to the fittings. Unless your dress has a fitted Corset, Basque or similar, in which case you will only need the pants.

Now there is a fine line between wearing some stunning lacy and pretty lingerie on your wedding day, and also achieving a look that is smooth and unnoticed when your dress is on. Some brands achieve this but it might be an idea to wear a smooth plain set for the ceremony and have some beautiful lingerie and/or nightwear to change into later. Of course, here at Pink Daisy Bridal, we have started a collection of nightwear and stunning lingerie created to impress your new husband!


What type of underwear should I wear?

If you’ve got a princess style ball gown, or anything with a large skirt, you can wear any underwear you’d like. Boyshorts, full coverage panties, sexy thongs – all of the above will work well underneath your gown.

However, if your dress is a little more form-fitting and made of a less forgiving fabric, you’ll need to find a seamless option that won’t leave you with unsightly panty lines on this important day. Even though they aren’t the most sexy, seamless nude panties, shapewear or seamless thongs generally work best with slinky, form-fitting dresses.

If you decide to go this route, you can always change into your special bridal lingerie after the reception.

Would you use a strapless panty?? What do we mean by this item? It is the worlds only no line, strapless, panty. They are self adhesive and completely invisible under bridal wear and also washable and reusable and can be found here at Pink Daisy Bridal and is available in Ivory, Black and Skin.


They is a self-adhesive slip  that is invisible under clothing. It can be washed and worn again. The perfect solution for gowns that show all seam lines. Can also be worn under evening wear. . . plus you can guarantee no lines or seams showing through the dress from your underwear! Something to think about!!

Will I Need a Bra Fitting?

Absolutely, agree the experts. When you buy your gown it’s not like shopping on the high street. All designers have different measurement guides, so one may not be the same as another. We have found this to be true here at Pink Daisy Bridal, with lingerie designers we work with and even with shoes too!

So check your measurements before purchase. There are many blogs and online Lingerie guides to measuring yourself for bra and cup sizes. Don’t forget that if you do lose weight before the ceremony, you may need to get re-measured!

Do I Really Need a Bra?

It depends on your size and the dress you’re wearing. For example, a fitted boned bodice will give more support. There are many brides that prefer not to wear a bra but don’t realize that, with a larger bust, lingerie should be providing the support to the breast and not leave this up to the dress.

If you decide not to wear a bra you can always treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of stockings and some sexy undies.

If you want to wear a strapless wedding dress, think about the size of your bust and how you are going to support it if you are large-busted, or how you are going to fill the dress if you’re smaller.

What color should my lingerie be?

Most wedding dresses are a shade of white, meaning that nude undergarments will be the least visible underneath. However, many wedding dresses are made of thick fabric or with many layers, giving you more leeway with the colour of your bridal lingerie. Maybe here, you could incorporate your something blue in your wedding undergarments if you’d like!

If you want to wear your sexy for-his-eyes-only lingerie underneath your dress all day, make sure your gown is thick enough to hide any details, including the colour. Although it sounds counterintuitive, white lingerie can actually be more visible underneath white dresses, so be sure to try on your entire outfit with the lingerie before the wedding day to make sure everything looks good, which with any luck you have already done at the bridal shop when trying on your dress. When in doubt, choose something that blends well with your skin tone.

Should I Always Go for White?

Not at all, most brides aim to match their dress’s colour if it’s white or ivory, but others choose to match their second colour they've chosen, for example for the bridesmaids dresses or reception décor.

Depending on the material of your dress, a bright white could actually be quite visible so cream shades are more suitable if you’d rather avoid practical but less glamorous nude.

So in this second part of the lingerie blog, we have looked at purchasing your amazing wedding dress first before your lingerie, and also the importance of choosing lingerie that compliments the dress you have chosen. So in part 3, we will go through the different styles of lingerie available for you to choose from . . .


Over the next few days, we will be issuing some more blogs following on from this episode, discussing the different types of lingerie available for you to wear on your special day, and we will also discuss with you shapewear . . . both these discussions will help you make a more informed decision on your bridal lingerie.

If you have any questions on Bridal Lingerie or anything else from our store, please do ask as we are here to help.

Thank you for reading and take care x


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