No More Sinking Feelings for Brides, Bridesmaids and Family members . . . When using Heel Stoppers.

by Tim Downer March 07, 2017

No More Sinking Feelings for Brides, Bridesmaids and Family members . . . When using Heel Stoppers.


A gadget that prevents you from sinking in the grass when wearing high heels!  


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As seen on Dragons' Den, Clean Heels, the maker of a new accessory that protects stiletto heels from dirt and wear, has become one of the lucky companies to secure funding on the new series.

Founded by Ally Stevenson, from Stubbington in Hampshire, Heel Stoppers manufactures a patented "heel stopper", which prevents women from sinking into soft ground when they walk in heels outdoors.

The product combines a circular disk, which distributes the bodyweight over a large surface area, with a soft plastic tube that can slip on to any shape or size of heel.

Clean Heels' heel stoppers come in a variety of colours but the most popular version is the transparent stopper, which becomes almost invisible when worn on grass.

The Clean Heel is designed to fit snugly and the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel of the shoe. Clean Heels are made from strong, eco-friendly materials that enable the heel stopper to stay attached to the heel at all times and suits all weathers.

Stevenson came up with the idea for the gadget while attending a family wedding in 2005. “All of us were sinking into the grass so I popped a couple of beer bottle tops under my heels to save my beautiful shoes,” she explains. “That’s when I thought, ‘Why hasn’t anyone invented something to solve this problem. I had my Eureka! moment.”

Clean Heels have applications beyond outdoor wear. They are used by film production companies to silence heels on set, and were worn by Jennifer Love Hewitt in the 2011 release Lost Valentine.

The National Trust also buys in heel stoppers for a number of its heritage sites. Visitors are asked to wear the products to keep the floors scuff-free. The Cutty Sark also uses heel stoppers to protect the ship's decking.

“Women need a product like this at least twice a year, whether it’s to go to a funeral or on a boat,” says Stevenson, “We also get a lot of orders from women who struggle to wear heels, and older ladies, because they help so much with balance"

Image shows stiletto's with the Bridal Crystal Cut Rings with the Heel Stoppers


"They don't just stop you sinking, they make you glide across the grass and help with balance"
                                                   - Ally Stevenson, founder of Clean Heels


Flexible heel stoppers that stop you sinking into soft ground or damaging wooden floors, ideal for those special occasions. Available in three sizes for different heel widths.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Petite - actual size 0.5cm - stretch to size 0.7cm 
  • Small - actual size 0.8cm - stretch to size 1.1cm 
  • Medium - actual size 1.2cm - stretch to size 1.5cm 

Product Features

  • Instant stability on soft surfaces for stiletto heels
  • Ideal for weddings, race days and garden parties
  • Protection from mud stains and scratches
  • Prevent heels getting trapped in wooden floors

Clean Heels Heel Stoppers at Pink Daisy Bridal

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Keep a pair in your handbag, they’re flexible enough to slip onto heels with ease and, because they’re clear, they suit any colour of shoe, no matter how colourful your outfit might be.

You can buy your heel stoppers here at and if you have any questions, or you wish to buy these Heel Stoppers for your Bridal party, please contact us as we can give you a discount on bulk orders of 10 or more.

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