Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding Shoes – part 3

by Tim Downer April 06, 2016

Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding Shoes – part 3

Our Guide to Choosing your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Here at Pink Daisy Bridal, we are often asked by Brides-to-be for advice when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of Wedding shoes. Tim Downer, co-founder of Pink Daisy Bridal, looks at some of the most popular tips in choosing your wedding shoes.

There are a number of factors to consider, so here is the third part of our essential 12 tips to help you find the perfect Bridal Shoe for your Special Day broken down into a mini series over the next few days, so please come back and read the rest of our top tips:





Silk or Satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes. But of course, your wedding dress and personal taste should have the greatest impact on the shoes you choose. Matching your shoes to your wedding dress is an exciting part of the selection process. Think about whether you are wearing a silk, satin or lace dress and match your wedding shoes accordingly.

RC F 2015 Harper

For part of the day you may only see the front of your shoe, however, you may be lifting the dress to walk or dance and your guests will then see the back part of your shoes. Going for some detail at the back can be interesting and eye-catching. If you’re wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, your shoes do not need to be traditional either.

For that extra ‘bling’ or that something different to make your shoes unique and you, how about adding some Shoe Clips?

Callisto                     Titiana



Everyone is on a budget and getting a bargain is paramount, however with that in mind, think of your wedding dress and be prepared to pay from 10 – 15% of its value for your shoes. If your beautiful dress cost £500 your shoes should ideally cost you between £50 – £75.

You certainly don’t want to undervalue your dress or buy cheap and uncomfortable shoes.

We hope that the above tips and advice has been a helpful guide to you and helps you in your quest in choosing your shoes for your special day. Please look out for the rest of our mini series in our Guide to choosing your Perfect Wedding Shoes.

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Tim Downer

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Tim Downer
Tim Downer


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