Through our amazing supplier 'Rainbow Club' we are proud to offer our Brides and Bridesmaids the possibility to have their shoes and bags dyed to match any colour they can think of! This will ensure that all your shoes and accessories are perfectly matched to your special outfit for any wedding or special occasion.
Pink Daisy Bridal will arrange for your shoes or bags to be sent to Rainbow Club's in-house colour studio, where all the colours are mixed and applied by hand by their expert colourists.
What colour would you go for?

Rainbow Club Colour Studio offers a fantastic dying service which we recommend and use ourselves. At Pink Daisy Bridal, we aim to simplify the process of having your Rainbow Club shoes and accessories dyed to your colour choice online, but should you have any concerns on this process, please talk to us.

There are many reasons why somebody would choose dying as an option but when coupled with the leaders in comfort wedding shoes, Rainbow Club Colour Studio really does tick all the boxes in 'delighting' our Brides and Bridesmaids every time. Here at Pink Daisy Bridal, we are so confident that you will be 'delighted' with the results from the Colour Studio, that when accompanied with a wedding shoe, that we will dye the bag 'free of charge' to complete your look!!

Please click on the relevant box below and after payment, Rainbow Club will send you a Colour Pack which contains a pre-paid labelled UK mainland return postage bag as well as an order form for you to complete and attach your chosen colour swatch. For more information on suitable swatches please click on ‘Info & Care’.

This service takes up to 10 working days from receipt of order at Rainbow Club Head Office. This hand colouring service is only available on Rainbow Club dyeable shoes, handbags and shoe clips. Please take note that unless shoes, handbags and shoe clips are faulty, dyed orders cannot be returned due to the bespoke nature of the service.

When ordering a Colour Pack please ensure that the correct pack is ordered depending on the type of product you would like to be hand coloured. For example: women’s shoes – Women’s Colour Pack, kids shoes – Kids Colour Pack, handbags and shoe clips – Handbags and Shoe Clips Colour Pack.

You will need to purchase one pack per item you wish to have dyed. (A pair of shoe clips is one item) unless taking up the 'offer' to have your bag dyed for free when paying for your shoes to be dyed.

For some ideas and concepts, why not take a look at our Pinterest board where you will find some images for you to ponder over.