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NEW!! Bridal Cut Crystal rings detachable for that special day. A keepsake memory for the album after, or stand out from the crowd at the Races.                                     

Don't get that sinking feeling! - Heel stoppers will prevent high heels from sinking into soft ground, falling into cracks and protect wooden floors.

Easy to Use - The Clean Heel is designed to fit snuggly and the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel of the shoe.

Protects you and your shoes - The flexible tube not only protects the heel from any splashes or dirt in wet weather, but also stabilizes the balance of the wearer when walking on uneven surfaces.                            

As seen on Dragon’s Den, Clean Heels are a girl’s best friend! An absolutely amazing invention, their patented Heel Stoppers simply slot onto your stiletto heels to give you instant stability on soft surfaces – perfect for weddings, garden parties and race days – with the side benefit that delicate fabrics and leathers are protected from mud stains and scratches.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Petite - actual size 0.5cm - stretch to size 0.7cm 
  • Small - actual size 0.8cm - stretch to size 1.1cm 
  • Medium - actual size 1.2cm - stretch to size 1.5cm 

Product Features

  • Instant stability on soft surfaces for stiletto heels
  • Ideal for weddings, race days and garden parties
  • Protection from mud stains and scratches
  • Prevent heels getting trapped in wooden floors

Keep a pair in your handbag, they’re flexible enough to slip onto heels with ease and, because they’re clear, they suit any colour of shoe, no matter how colourful your outfit might be.


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